Pen Review: Opus 88 Fantasia

I can’t deny it: ever since Opus 88 has gotten more attention in the US market, I’ve been quite impressed. After thoroughly enjoying the Koloro Demonstrator, I was excited to get the opportunity to give their newest pen, the Fantasia, a spin. So has it lived up to my lofty expectations of the brand?

Ink Showcase: Robert Oster Smokescreen

Of all the boutique ink manufacturers, few of them earn my affection like Robert Oster. Offering a dizzying array of colors and a variety of properties like shading, shimmer, and sheen, Robert Oster inks seem to have something for just about everyone. Back in June, the brand released a new color, Smokescreen, and it immediately caught my attention.

Paper Review: Rhodia Webnotebook

Many people discover the joy of Rhodia paper early on during their trip down the fountain pen rabbit hole. However, most of the attention gets directed at Rhodia's paper pads, specifically their No. 16 A5 dot Pad and No. 19 A4+ dot Pad. Today, I'm here to tell you that their Webnotebooks are equally worthy of your affection.

Ink Showcase: Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Red

Last week, Pelikan fans around the world had a chance to celebrate the brand at local Pelikan Hub events. In anticipation of my local event, I had a chance to try out my first ever Pelikan ink. I've been a fan of the brand's pens for some time now, but hadn't had the opportunity to use their inks until now.

Paper Review: Elemental Paper "Oxygen" Notebook

Toward the beginning of 2018, Greg and Laurie Krumm launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new line of notebooks. Pitched as "the result of a convergence of passions for the Elements of the Periodic Table, Notebooks, and Fountain Pens," Elemental Notebooks quickly piqued my interest. But I've been burned by Kickstarter before. Do these notebooks have what it takes to restore my faith in crowdfunding?

Ink Showcase: 5 New Colors from Herbin

Toward the end of last month, Herbin added 5 new colors to their standard line of inks. Despite already having an extensive selection from which to choose, Herbin was able to find some new hues that weren't previously featured in their collection. Always a sucker for something new, I decided to check them out.

Pen Review: TWSBI Go

TWSBI is a popular brand in the budget fountain pen category. In fact, one of their most popular pens, the TWSBI Eco, is consistently recommended as among the best options for new fountain pen users. So when TWSBI introduced its newest pen last week, I had no choice but to give it a go.

Paper Review: "642 Things to Write About"

"I love my fountain pens so much, but I wish I had more things to write!" "What do you guys write with your fountain pens?" "I wish I had an excuse to use my new ink." I hear these types of comments frequently among the fountain pen community, and the subject of today's review aims to provide a reason to use the pens and ink we all enjoy so much.

Fountain Pen Revolution Darjeeling Review

When searching for budget-friendly fountain pens with flex nibs, most people immediately turn to Noodler's. Fountain Pen Revolution may be a lesser-known brand, but after using several of their pens, I've been rather impressed with the bang-for-the-buck they offer. So when I saw that they offer a flex nib pen for under $20, I had to see if it was my cup of tea.

Ink Showcase: Noodler's 54th Massachusetts

If you're into fountain pens, chances are high that you're aware of Noodler's inks. The brand seems to generate fans and haters alike. Champions of Noodler's inks praise their permanent properties and affordable prices, while detractors bemoan their tendency to stain and finicky performance issues. So how does 54th Massachusetts, one of the brand's staple blues, stack up?

Opus 88 Koloro Demonstrator Review

Opus 88 is a brand that's really burst onto the fountain pen scene in the last year or so. Though I wasn't quite taken with the design of the original Koloro models, a glut of positive reviews for the Koloro Demonstrator forced me to take another look at the brand. So is this pen good enough to have me singing its praises?

Ink Showcase: Diamine Golden Sands

I'm not really a fan of yellow inks. They tend to suffer from one of two fatal flaws: they're either blindingly bright, or too faint to read comfortably on white paper. Nevertheless, Diamine Golden Sands lured me in with its shiny, shimmery goodness. So has it changed my opinion?