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Ink Showcase: Sailor Shikiori Rikyucha

When I first got into fountain pens and ink, I thought I would be drawn exclusively to bright, vibrant colors like blues, reds, and purples. As I get deeper into the hobby, though, I find myself increasingly enamored of more subdued hues like browns and greens. In some ways, Rikyucha is the perfect embodiment of that transformation. 

Ink Showcase: Akkerman Dutch Masters SBRE Brown

Back in 2015, renowned fountain pen reviewer Stephen Brown collaborated with Diamine and La Couronne du Comte to release an ink based on his colorful surname. Toward the end of 2017, the ink was re-released using the same Diamine formulation, but packaged in Akkerman's lovely flask-shaped bottles. Now that I've finally gotten my hands on a bottle, it's time to take it for a spin!