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Pen Review: Opus 88 Fantasia

I can’t deny it: ever since Opus 88 has gotten more attention in the US market, I’ve been quite impressed. After thoroughly enjoying the Koloro Demonstrator, I was excited to get the opportunity to give their newest pen, the Fantasia, a spin. So has it lived up to my lofty expectations of the brand?

Opus 88 Koloro Demonstrator Review

Opus 88 is a brand that's really burst onto the fountain pen scene in the last year or so. Though I wasn't quite taken with the design of the original Koloro models, a glut of positive reviews for the Koloro Demonstrator forced me to take another look at the brand. So is this pen good enough to have me singing its praises?

Levenger True Writer Review

Levenger is one of those brands that gets curiously little attention from the fountain pen community. Though Levenger sells fountain pens from other manufacturers, they also have their own line of branded fountain pens, most notably the True Writer series. To make myself more familiar with the brand, I decided to pick one up.

Conklin Duraflex Review

Conklin's new Duraflex is the latest offering in the budget flex pen category. With the introduction of its new "OmniFlex" nib, Conklin hopes to leverage its popular Duragraph line to offer flex writing at an affordable price. But does it have what it takes to become your next flex pen?